Revamp Your Service Panel

Revamp Your Service Panel

Get an electrical panel upgrade in Metairie, LA

An electrical service panel is the part of the system that routes electricity from your service provider to different areas of your home or business. It's located in your breaker box and made up of rows of electrical switches. Without a functional electrical service panel, you'll find yourself facing high electrical bills and potential issues with your appliances.

B&B Electrical Services Inc provides a variety of service panel services, including electrical panel replacement and upgrade work. You can rely on a local electrician in Metairie, LA to make sure your electrical panel works properly.

Call 504-466-7833 today to schedule an electrical panel replacement appointment. We'll inspect your old panel and find a good replacement in no time.

3 signs you need to upgrade your service panel

Depending on the age and type of service panel you own, you might have to upgrade it in order to maintain your energy efficiency. B&B Electrical Services recommends you schedule an electrical panel upgrade if:

  1. You recently upgraded your household appliances.
  2. Your current panel uses fuses and not circuit breakers.
  3. You notice an unusual increase in your electrical bills.

To get started on your electrical panel upgrade, reach out to B&B Electrical Services now. We serve the New Orleans and Metairie, LA areas.